Flag Design

I like flags, so I've dabbled at designing some myself.

Seattle Flag: 2018-19 Redesign

Given the tolerable but unimpressive current flag of Seattle, I have tried many times to create a flag to represent my city concisely and elegantly.

The teal is taken directly from the current flag, and represents the Seattle skies and waters, as well as the Indigenous history of the city.
The white represents the mountains surrounding the city, as well as the bright future brought by Seattle innovators.
The green represents the hills of Seattle and the natural beauty of the city.

I'm honored that this design has been recognized by the Seattle Times during their design contest!

Seattle Flag: Previous Attempts (2016)

Other City Flag Concepts

My adaptions on the current flags of other cities.

Flags of Progress for Humanity

These are flags that represent causes I care about. This project was a school project.