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Flags of Progress for Humanity

For my Computer Art class, my teacher suggested that I create flags for the causes I believe are important for humanity's future. Here are some of the flags that I designed for this project.
(These are arranged alphabetically, not by priority. The list of causes is incomplete, due to time constraints.)

Flag for Conservation
  • Black represents the species lost to climate change, and humanity's terrible past of pollution
  • Green leaf represents the life on Earth
  • White fimbriation represents human unity to protect the planet
  • Blue background represents Earth, our home
Flag for Demilitarization
  • Black represents the violent past
  • Red stripe represents the innocent lives lost to war
  • Dove represents the end of war
  • White represents a future of peaceful coexistence
Flag for Democracy
  • Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue stripes represent diverse viewpoints
  • White half represents peaceful political system
  • White arrow breaking through black background represents voting, the power of the people, and the fight against tyranny and inequality
Flag for Education
  • Brown branch represents diverse backgrounds and access to education for all
  • Owl represents knowledge and wisdom
  • Gold peak represents prosperous future for all via education
Flag for Nuclear Disarmament
  • Black half to represent humanity's dark history of warring
  • Red fess to represent the sacrifice of innocents
  • Nuclear symbol to remember the innocents lost in nuclear attacks
  • White half to represent the need for peace on Earth
  • Green fess to represent the survival of life on Earth
Flag for Space Exploration
  • Black BG to represent outer space
  • Blue Circle on bottom to represent humanity's heritage on Earth
  • White Curves to represent human technology
  • Gold Curve to represent future of interplanetary propserity
  • White star to represent warmth of Sun and humanity's destiny off of Earth
Flag for Universal Healthcare
  • White half & fimbriation to represent peaceful and non-discriminatory access
  • Red cross to represent medicine & healthcare
  • Green to represent life and health