Here are some of the school projects I have done and put online.

Shader Artwork (CS44N, first-year)
My animated graphic design made in ShaderToy for an intro-level graphics CS class. They wouldn't win any awards or anything but I had fun.

School Radio Station Logo (12th grade)

Line Integral Reimann Sum Calculator (11th grade)
An interactive, highly approximated calculator of line integrals through a 2D vector field.

Bike Game (11th grade, 12th grade)
Ride a bicycle, collect granola bars, and try not to get hit by a car, please. Now with custom music!

Matterhorn Visual Essay (11th grade)
A graphic timeline of the character development of Lt. Mellas through the first half of Karl Marlantes's Vietnam War novel Matterhorn.

Flags of Progress for Humanity (10th grade)
These are flags that represent causes I care about. This project was a school project.

Historical Borders of California (7th grade)
This interactive HTML Canvas + JS map shows the changing borders of post-European contact California using maps from Geacron

Google Science Fair Experiment (8th grade)
This project (albeit poorly) attempted to test the difference in reader comprehension speed between graphs with good and bad elements of graphic design.

Rome: City Overview (6th grade)
A brief presentation of the basic history of Rome

Anglo-Spanish War Slides (8th grade)

School Uniforms

Bush Blazers Baseball
A warmup jersey concept for my high school baseball team. (2017)

SCDS Skyscrapers Ultimate
Frisbee design for my middle school ultimate team. (2015)