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Seattle Sounders Concepts ⭐⭐💎

The Seattle Sounders are clearly the coolest soccer team in existence. Here are my designs that express my love for the Eternal Blue, Forever Green!

Sounders 2019 Season Ticket Holder Scarf
I'm honored that my design was selected by the season ticket holders as the Sounders Alliance's annual scarf design contest for 2019! (2018)

Sounders Concept Logos

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Latest: Concept 6 (originally 2018, updated 2021)

As part of my 2021 MLS redesign series, I made some minor tweaks to my 2018 logo design for the Sounders.
See the original brand presentation from 2018 here.

Direct descendants of Concepts 4 & 5.
Space Needle is done from scratch, inspired by '82 logo. NASL-style waves in emerald shape. Eliminated unnecessary gray from logo.

Concept 5 (2017)

Made from scratch. Abstract line Space Needle over NASL era waves.

Concept 4 (2017)

Uses the Space Needle and NASL-style waves from the current logo in an emerald shape.

Concept 3 (2016)

Combines the current logo with this concept from Sounder at Heart.
Versions with and without the current logo's banner.

Concept 2 (2016)

Combines the 1983 NASL logo and the Space Needle from the current logo.

Concept 1 (2016)

Uses the NASL era waves and ball, the current logo's Space Needle and text, and the shape of the Reign logo.

Sounders Concept Jerseys

Concept Jerseys (2021)

Concept Jerseys (2017-18)

These jersey concepts use the current logo and colors. These were made using Raysox's beautiful SVG template.

Concept 1 Jerseys (2016)

These jersey concepts were designed alongside Concept 1. These were some of the first jersey concepts I did in Photoshop. These were made using this strange Paint template.

Other MLS Concepts