Sports Branding

Logo & Uniform Concepts

Seattle Sounders & Seattle Reign Concepts
I redesign the logo & jerseys of my favorite teams. (2016–2023)

Sounders 2019 Season Ticket Holder Scarf
The winning design of the Sounders Alliance's annual scarf design contest! (2018)

MLS Concepts
Jersey + logo concepts for the rest of the US and Canada's top soccer league. (2019–2021)

NHL Flying V Concepts
Inspired by Vancouver's old Flying V jersey, a series of unorthodox alternate uniforms for every NHL team. (2021)

WHL Concepts
All new jerseys and some new logos for the major-junior Western Hockey League. (2021)

Seattle Storm Concept
The 4-time WNBA champs get a logo cleanup and all-new uniforms. (2020)

NWSL Concepts
Jersey ideas and expansion for the world's top women's soccer league. (2020–2022)

Seattle Sonics Concept
I revive my city's NBA team with a new look. (2019)

NHL Seattle Concepts
A few name, logo, & uniform ideas for my upcoming hometown team. (2019)

Seattle Mariners Concept
A refresh of my local MLB team. (2019–2022)

Vancouver Canucks Concepts
Our soon-to-be NHL rivals get multiple makeovers. (2019–2022)

Canadian Premier League Logo & Kit Concepts
My logo redesigns and jersey ideas for the newly formed CPL. (2018)

Cincinnati Cougars Concept
A fictional baseball team concept. (2018)