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Seattle Sounders ⭐⭐💎 & Seattle Reign 🛡️🛡️🛡️ Concepts

The Seattle Sounders and Seattle Reign are clearly the coolest soccer teams in existence.
Here are my designs that express my love for the Eternal Blue, Forever Green and the Blue & Bold!

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Sounders & Reign Joint-Branding Concepts

Though the teams are independently owned, I like to imagine them in branding alignment as if the organizations were to merge.

2018–19 (updated 2021): Emerald City Heritage

This Sounders design was originally made in 2018, but it took until 2019 to complete the Reign logo (in preparation for my 2020 NWSL series). Both logos were tweaked during my my 2021 MLS redesign series and 2022 updates to the NWSL series.

The Sounders logo gets a new Space Needle, done from scratch, inspired by 1983 logo. The 4 NASL-style waves represent our 4 pre-MLS titles. The crest is contained in a hexagonal emerald shape.

The rain-haired monarch returns from the Reign's inaugural logo, now appearing above the mountains of her domain.

2021: Jersey concepts
The Sounders home jersey retains the green/blue/green arrangement of the inaugural NASL season and the MLS era, and uses a sublimated pattern of the NASL-era waves, ascending northwestward in diagonal hoops.

The away jersey is a 1982 fauxback design with sublimated waves from the Seattle city flag. (Note: this jersey design predates the very similar Ballard FC jersey!)

The Reign home jersey puts a rain pattern in the shape of the coastlines of Washington state.

The away jersey incorporates the needles of the native western red cedar into an abstract mountain design.
The color variations show all the color schemes used by each team's alternate jerseys, retro color schemes, and holiday color schemes for July 4th, Pride Month, and Cascadia Day.

2022–23 (in progress): Forces of Nature

Click the logos to see animated versions!

Sounders fans seem divided over whether the team should return to the '90s orca, depict Tahoma, or keep the Space Needle, so I wanted to see if I could design a logo with all of the above!

The orca appears above the team's classic waves in front of the silhouette of Tahoma, and hides an abstract Space Needle on its belly.

The same Space Needle render appears in the crown of the Reign's classic rain-haired monarch, with the same Tahoma render below.

2016: Unified Shield

Folds the Sounders brand into the existing branding of the Seattle Reign by using the latter team's shield shape.

The Sounders logo retains the current logo's Space Needle and text treatment, while reintroducing 1974 / NASL-era waves and ball. The four stars represent our four pre-MLS titles ('95, '96, '05, '07).

Since the Reign are a double-blue team, the Sounders revert to their blue & teal team colors used in 1983 and 1994–2002.

2016 (recreated 2023): Jersey concepts
These jerseys are recreations of designs from 2016, some of my earliest soccer designs, which I originally made using this strange Paint template.

The Sounders get a gradiented home jersey featuring Tahoma (aka Mt. Rainier) and an wavy away jersey.
(Original: Home, Away)

The Reign uses a rainy double-blue home jersey, and a take on their 2015 third jersey with logo-inspired patterning for the away.
(Original: Home, Away)

Independent Sounders Concepts

Sounders 2019 Season Ticket Holder Scarf
I'm honored that my design was selected by the season ticket holders as the Sounders Alliance's annual scarf design contest for 2019! (2018)

Independent Reign Concepts

Other MLS Concepts

Other NWSL Concepts

All jersey designs use Raysox's template.